It’s All About Educating: Self­ Carriage and Connection With Steffen Peters

Wellington, FL ­- January 8, 2016 – Steffen Peters stressed the importance of educating each horse on self ­carriage and connection during the third day of mounted sessions at the Robert Dover Horsemastership Clinic, sponsored by Dressage4Kids. He encouraged riders to think about the effects of their aids.

“It is all education and training the horse because the most important part of dressage is how this connection is translated,” Peters said. “If a horse is really nice and softly connected to the bridle, that is the essence of the sport. Any mistake I have made in the show ring has been because I had an inconsistent connection.”

Molly Paris, 19, from Charlotte, North Carolina, rode with Peters for the first time on her new 13­-year-­old Danish Warmblood mare Countess, whom she purchased from Canadian competitor Brittany Fraser. Peters motivated Paris to find the frame that she wanted and challenged her to answer the question, “Can we go forward and she stays respectful of the bridle?” If the answer was no, Peters encouraged half­ halts from the medium trot to the piaffe.

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Author: Annan Hepner // Original Source: PS Dressage

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