Kryon – Tryon June 2020


And just like that baby dinosaur is qualified for regionals at first level! Still room for little improvement but still pulled off 73 and 74%.

Also so proud of Sophia Hatlem who rode little Duke Duke in her first recongonized show at training level – receiving TWO 70%+ scores
Also of Olivia Brown for managing Balty pony moment yesterday. But redeemed themselves today for 65 in FEI Pony test. Shoutout to Mikaela Kasalek for putting up with our boring dressage shows and to Zammy who tolerated it as well. Love you guys. It was fun!

And of course the rest of the team behind the scenes Emma WilliamsonJeff Crane Christopher Hickey Caitie Gibbs Katharine Stancliff Amanda Paris couldn’t do this without any of you.

Also thank you to amazing sponsors who keep us going! Silene Pogodzienski and Eponia Equestrian Sport USA, John Wilkinson and the rest of Equithrive


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