Diamant Sky

Nickname: "Sky" or "Sugar Shark"DOB: May 5, 2006Breed: WestphalianHeight: 17.1Notable Achievements: My NAJYRC horse Favorite Treats: Anything. Sky will eat anything, including other horse’s tails.Diet: All of my horses get fed grain twice a day, except in FL they also get lunch. Sky has allergies, so he gets 1.5 lbs of Renew Gold twice a day. He also gets as much hay as he wants, and is turned out as much as possible.Supplements: Sky is on Equithrive Joint – I’ve noticed a tremendous improvement in his attitude and suppleness since being on Equithrive. I also love how all of their products are thoroughly tested and backed by science — makes me feel like they are getting the ultimate product. He also gets UltraCruz Vitamin E, and is on Platinum Performance’s multi-vitamin and mineral formula.Tack: I ride Sky in both an Eponia Double and a Snaffle bridle with the Neue Schule Turtle Tactio bit. Every bridle I get from Eponia is made with the most incredible supple leather, and crafted with unsurpassed quality — plus they come in so many different styles and colors – I truly love putting them on my horses. Sky knows he looks good in them, too. I currently am riding Sky in a Stubben D Aramis. Sky is a notorious hard fit for saddles due to his super thin, a-symmetrical shape combined with his high withers, so I am incredibly grateful to Stubben for working with me (and continuing to work with me) to find the best fit for him as he continues to change in his fitness level and progress through his training.