Nickname: "Baby Kry" or "Baby Dinosaur"DOB: May 2, 2015Breed: Dutch Warmblood (Olympic Ferro x Flemmingh x Farrington)Height: 18.1 (and growing)Notable Achievements: Rocked his very first show (in Wellington) with a 72% at 1-2!Favorite Treats: Kry only likes molasses flavored treats or apples.Diet: Kryon as a growing baby, is currently getting 1.5 lbs of Kalm Essential and K Finish twice a day, with lunch while in Florida. He also gets as much free-choice hay as he wants, and loves to be turned out as much as possible. I really try to let all of my horses be just that, horses — they come to work happier both mentally and physically with some time out of the stall and away from the arena.Supplements: Following in the footsteps of Sky and Tess, Kry is also on Equithrive Joint and Equithrive Hoof (He has to grow big, strong feet to support a growing body.) He also gets the Platinum Performance multi-vitamin and antioxidant.Tack: Kryon just got his first Eponia bridle a couple months ago, which luckily I was able to get in a horse size and add an oversized browband — customizing it just for him. He goes in a french snaffle at the moment, and is building muscle and filling out some more before getting his own custom Stubben Saddle. Fun Fact: Kry goes in a 32/34” girth at the moment!