Nickname: "Tess" or "Princess"DOB: May 28, 2002Breed: Danish WarmbloodHeight: 16.2Notable Achievements: 2x Nation Cup, 2018 Reserve Champ for USEF Festival in the U25Favorite Treats: She loves bananas and pears.Diet: Tess gets ½ lb of Kalm Ultra, ½ lb of Essential K and then ¼ lb of K Finish – all from Tribute Grain — twice a day with lunch while she is in Florida. She gets as much good-quality free-choice hay as she wants, and is turned out when she wants. (Did I mention she is a princess?)Supplements: Like my other horses, Tess is also on Equithrive Joint — Since using Equithrive, all of my horses have required joint injections less often and Tess who is coming up on 18 still feels like she is 8. The results speak for themselves, and I couldn’t be happier with how all my horses look on it. Tess also gets Raspberry tea leaves (mare reasons), as well as Platinum Performance’s multi-vitamin and antioxidant.Tack: Tess, like Sky also has both a double and snaffle Eponia bridle — in brown—to match my saddle. She prefers to go in an eggbutt snaffle most days and I ride her in the Stubben Gensis saddle, which fits her wider rib cage and short back perfect. Eponia also keeps us looking great with a range of saddle pads and breeches to suit our color preference that particular day. (A girl has to look good, right?!)