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Bringing years of experience and exposure to the very best in training, competition, and education, Molly offers personalized hands-on services that helps both horse and rider develop the skills and confidence needed for a lifetime of success.

Leading by personal example, Molly will help you gain self-confidence, and learn the appropriate tools and skills needed to reach your goals, no matter how big or small. Molly is available for lessons, riding and training in the Wellington area from December to the end of March and will return to Charlotte, NC for the summer months. For riders in Charlotte, NC she offers virtual riding lessons through a Pixio camera system during the winter show season.


Molly has had such a wonderful rapport with all different types of horses. Her training is strongly grounded in the correct basics and it has been my pleasure to watch multiple horses and riders flourish in Molly’s program!

— Jennifer Baumert

Molly specializes in the following


Building a solid foundation through unique and personalized lessons.

Molly’s positive and upbeat approach to working with students of all ages and abilities, will help you develop the skills, confidence and solid foundation for years of enjoyment with your horse. She excels at helping riders define their goals and putting together a plan that is both real and attainable.

  • Private (30/45 min) $50.00 / $75.00
  • (Off-site Lessons will incur a $10 travel fee)
  • (All on-site lessons will incur a $10 arena fee paid to Joli Cheval)

Training / Riding

Maximizing a horse’s potential through correct training.

Operating out of a top-class training facility in both Charlotte and Wellington, Molly has an un-canning ability to read her horses and know how to maximize their potential. Her approach is firm, but fair and her horses thrive under having a consistent, positive work environment.

  • Individual Training Ride – $85/ride (Ship-In)
  • Monthly Training (3-4 Rides per week) – $75/ride
  • Monthly Training (5 Rides per week) – $55/ride
  • (Trailer-ins will incur a $10 arena fee paid to Joli Cheval)

Coaching / Competition

Encouragement, guidance and trust are the foundation to competition success.

Are you looking to qualify for regionals? Want to know what goes into getting on the young rider team? With a knack for knowing what to say to put you in the correct mindset before entering the arena, Molly offers continuous positive support allowing you to perform to your full potential.

  • Rides @ Show: $85/show day (+ travel)
  • Coaching: Warm-Ups: $85/show day

Interested in working with Molly?