Meet My Team

Molly has an incredible, supportive team who is the backbone of her success.



Without the support of my family and friends, none of this would be possible. They have stood beside me for years, never questioning my ambition or how crazy my dreams may seem. Thank you to my mom for her unwavering faith and love, (and for kicking me in the butt when I need it); to my dad for his patience and humor; and my sisters who cheer me on and pick up the pieces back home when I am not there. You all mean the world to me — Thank you!



Dr. Emma Williamson of Alvie Equine is not only a wonderful friend, but is one of the very best Osteopathic vets in the country. She goes above and beyond working on all my horses from routine vet care to chiro and acupuncture – often working with other members of my team so that my horses have the greatest chance to look and feel their best. Many of the horses that I ride and train, including my own, would not be where they are today without Emma’s help and guidance.



Jeff and Dillon Crane from Whitestone Forge are not only AFA Certified Journeymen, who regularly compete and attend clinics around the world, they are some of the most talented and humble professionals, who just happen to live in our backyard. Jeff and Dillon shoe all of my horses — often building them custom shoes from scratch and coming up with a proactive plan for their feet that works with my training and show schedule. They are such a key component to my success and my horse’s happiness, that I fly them down to Florida in the winter so that they can continue to shoe my horses year round.

Chris Hickey

Trainer / Coach Extraordinaire

Chris Hickey, who rides and trains out of Oak Meadows Farm, has been coaching me since the Summer of 2016. As a national and international Grand Prix rider and trainer, Chris not only had a successful program that aligned with my goals, but his vision for me and my horses has pushed me to dream even bigger and work harder.

Unlike anyone I have ever met, Chris has an impressive eye on the ground that sees almost everything, sometimes even before I feel it. No matter what horse I am riding, he always has a toolbox of ideas, and suggests more than one possible solution since not every horse works the same — working with me until it starts to click.

Under his guidance, I am able to be proactive instead of just reactive with my riding, in addition to really being able to ask my horses to be both light in my hand while actively pushing from behind. Day to day, we constantly communicate about the differences in each horse and our plans for them, and I can really lean on him when I have questions about anything.

I feel incredibly fortunate that our paths have crossed, and I have the upmost respect for Chris not only as a successful rider, but an equally successful coach — and look up to him as both a mentor and a professional.

Molly is Proud to Work With